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    bug Win7-USB3.0-Creator-V3-Win7Admin???


      Bonjour, etant en train de faire une cle usb avec l'iso de win seven j'utilise, Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool et Win7-USB3.0-Creator-V3-Win7Admin afin d'adjoindre les driver usb 3 car j'ai le messsage d'erreur "un pilote de cd/dvd est manquant etc..." au demarrage de l'install. Or, une fois la création de l'image avec  Win7-USB3.0-Creator-V3-Win7Admin demarrée, le processus s'arrête a "Unnmounting and committing boot.wim image:2 Windows Startup

      Cleaning up mount directory" . J'aimerais savoir si le processus est terminé car si je ferme la fenetre, j'ai un avertissement comme quoi l'image sera corrompue si j'arrête et comme plus rien ne bouge, j'aimerais alors connaître la cause du blocage; quelqu'un peut il me renseigner sur ce sujet? Grand merci d'avance

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          Do you have access to a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 PC? This package seems to run more stably in those environments.


          As for this particular error, I have found that the DISM tool completes the commit portion of the operation successfully (and then times out). If you are doing the DISM commands manually and you see this error, you can use command


                dism /unmount-wim /mountdir:mount /discard


          to complete the unmount.



          Since I had so many issues with the USB 3.0 Creator tool, I decided to run the DISM commands manually. I created the attached script file, which includes all of the commands than need to be run. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RUN THIS SCRIPT! You want to print out this file and then manually enter and run these commands. Whenever the unmount operation fails, simply use the command I showed above to complete the unmount.


          Hope this helps,