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    Problems with AC 8265 adapter


      Hello guys!


      I have problems with my Intel wireless adapter AC 8265 installed on my Asus X510UQ laptop with Windows 10 Pro.
      It starts working and works for some time but then drops the Internet connection while still being connected to our 2.4 GHz network. I noticed that it would still exchange data with our wifi but that data is around a couple of kilobytes.
      The other laptops my neighbors have work absolutely fine (even with lower signal adapters). I have tried deleting the drivers and reinstalling them numerous times ( at some point I reinstalled the whole system) - nothing changed. I tried using the version that came with the installation disc (19.40) but it was overwritten by Windows inbox driver ver. 19.50. I used the latest driver - 20.10 - and it didn't fix that, even though the speed were higher when it actually managed to work.


      I wonder if my new laptop needs to be replaced because of a faulty adapter. I would also appreciate if there's a fix for that or any diagnostics I can try.


      Thank you.