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    Detection tool will not detect my cpu, I can't download drivers either.


      I recently updated my build. The purpose was to upgrade from my amd to an intel processor, which in turn required a new motherboard, new ram in this case, and a new cooler, etc. I currently am using a Gigabyte z270x Ultra Gaming motherboard with an Intel Core i7 7700k processor. When I try and download the most recent driver (or any older version) it says that "this computer does not meet the requirements for installation."

      When I try and use the intel utility tool to identify my processor, it fails and says there is nothing detected. When I check my device manager, it shows 8 intel core i7 7700k processors (probably each core). It states that the current driver is from 2009, and that it is the latest version. I have tried using zip files to locate updates manually for drivers, but these have also changed. The intel tool that identifies the processor only works, and does show that I have an intel core i7 7700k.


      Does anybody know a solution? I would very much like to have control over my processor and get the most out of it.