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    Intel SSD toolbox tools not enabled


      I cannot use tools within Intel SSD toolbox such as optimizer and secure erase.  They are greyed out reporting I need to update my firmware.  Drive is Intel 750 1.2TB version.


      In the Firmware Update section I get this message "The selected Intel SSD contains current firmware as of this Toolbox release. Click Check For Updates to look for a newer version of the Intel SSD Toolbox, which may include newer firmware."


      I have contacted support in the past and they were not able to resolve the issue.  I just want to use my SSD tools.  If anyone knows what's going on with this I'd love to know.


      I'd like to voice my opinion about this software:

      Intel, you sell fantastic hardware, I professionally rely on Intel hardware because of the combination of performance and robustness.

      I find the SSD toolbox to be poorly designed, a pain to use and generally not what I'd expect from Intel.

      The toolbox versions rely on firmware versions and not backwards compatible?  Sure is an awkward workflow.

      I suggest making the Check For Update job just do everything for you, install the latest toolbox/firmware combo or just toolbox or whatever.


      Basically for products in the $1000 range I expect better supporting software.




      EDIT: Purchased drive more than a year ago, was able to update firmware (and toolbox) till 3.4.6 since then the firmware reports as "currrent" but unable to use tools.  I contacted Intel support and they could not resolve the issue.

      Currently on 3.4.9 and cannot use tools still, my firmware version is 8EV101H0.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello LogicBomb,


          Thanks for your feedback regarding Intel® SSD Toolbox. It is good to know the firmware on your SSD is up to date (8EV101H0) now.


          Regarding the grayed out features, please take the following details in consideration:


          - Intel® SSD Optimizer can't work on NVMe drives such as the Intel® SSD 750 Series. This feature runs TRIM on the drive. However, Windows* should run TRIM regularly (weekly by default) in the background.
          - In order to use Secure Erase from Intel® SSD Toolbox, the drive must be a secondary drive and have no partitions. It can't be run on a boot drive or a partitioned SSD. If your Intel® SSD 750 Series is a secondary drive with a single volume, please refer to this article for instructions on how to enable it.


          I hope this information will be useful for you. We'll take your suggestion regarding the updates and tools for this software to our business unit.


          EDIT: This thread has been moved from General Questions to our Solid State Drives community.


          Best regards,
          Eugenio F.

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            Try to force install the NVMe drivers as described here: Win 10 – Intel SSD Optimizer greyed out for 600P | USB Driver


            This fix the issues you are describing for me, except I was running a 600p

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              Thanks for the info guys.


              When I first got this drive it did the optimizer, "Last Run" was definitely tracked. This I remember.  Optimizer was being invoked by toolbox when I first got it.

              Also on the Secure erase tab it told me my firmware was out of date instead of a message about cannot wipe with partitions/boot drive.

              Something was definitely wrong, maybe reporting, maybe a residual data file, NVMe controller driver.


              I suggest you add a message for NVMe drives "This drive's optimization is handled by Windows".  Then have SSD toolbox report the fsutil trim flag would be nice.


              I got some new computer parts and reloaded Windows 10, this time I used the default NVMe controller driver Windows gave me. Installed SSD Toolbox and it now works as you explain.  I'll have to test speeds.

              Not sure what the issue is, I'm thinking the NVMe driver was at fault.  Intel doesn't seem to stress that users update it like toolbox/firmware.  In fact I don't ever remember updating it except when I got the drive.


              I guess it probably doesn't matter if OS or app tells drive to run TRIM.  This is built directly into Windows using reliable scheduling.


              I opted not to use pekras's solution as the Intel article clearly states this feature is not used by toolbox with NVMe drives. Maybe a new decision.


              I purchase Intel products to not have to install unsigned drivers attempting workarounds for something simple that should work 

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                Intel Corporation
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                Hello LogicBomb,

                Thanks for your reply.

                I'll submit these ideas as well. A disclaimer about Intel® SSD Optimizer compatibility and notifications about new NVMe drivers releases would be useful.

                Best regards,
                Eugenio F.