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    NUC7i3BNH HDR Graphics corruption on TV/AVR at boot, in bios, and in Windows.


      Hello,  I have a new NUC7i3BNH that is configured as a HTPC running Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (latest updates applied).  It is connected to a Yamaha RX-A770 AVR, and that is connected to a Sony x930e TV.   All connected via HDMI 2.0a/b cables, and the HDMI link from the AVR to the TV is proven via other 4K HDR assets going through it.


      I have installed the latest drivers and enabled HDR in the configuration for Windows.   The TV sees the signal as 10bit yuv420 HDR.  (which I would like to actually have 444 or 422, but 420 is the only level the intel chip seems to work with)


      I have a major issue at reboot -IMG_20171127_095016.jpg


      The colors are all green/purple.   This happens in the BIOS,  Boot screen, and at the desktop.  UNTIL you move the mouse or click on the desktop.   This only happens once you enable HDR mode in the OS.   Once you do, any reboot after that will have this coloring issue. ... again... until you (edit:  You can just move the mouse at the login/desktop and it will clean up, no click is actually needed) click the desktop (any click right/left)  windows seems to clean up the signal at that point.


      I realize these drivers are brand new, and it seems like something is getting hung up on the reboot in the HDMI stack or that level converter in the middle of things.


      Firmware is all at the latest (1.72 for the HDMI firmware) current bios, and latest drivers.    This is the only real issue I have so far with this setup.  And since it's a HTPC it doesn't reboot often it doesn't crop up much, but I wanted to post this so Intel and others know this is an issue.  Not sure if its a Windows or an Intel driver issue, but it is an issue.