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    Intel HD Graphic 630  Does not start with two monitors after power off/on


      I have two monitors (Philips 243V5) connected to PC main board integrated graphic (Intel HD Graphic 630 rev4 )

      main board with Intel core i5 procesor, main board manufacturer: MSI model H270M Bazooka (MS-7A70)

      RAM 8GB ; 1GB is shared with graphic

      First  monitor on DVI,  the second on HDMI.


      The graphic driver is actual.


      After poower on and starting Intel Graphic Control Panel ..

      only  one monitor is reported on the main Graphic Control Panel window


      I select "multi monitor" link , then the option "search for other monitors".

      The result is correct two monitors are identified and after few clicks   the wide screen (3840x1080) is working.




      I can store the current profile under a new name (3840).

      then a can return to single monitor and store the profile under another name (1920).

      I can pull down the select profile menu and switch between my two profiles.


      So far so good. The problem is, that after  power off/on      sequence ,  the (3840) setting is not restored.

      The (3840) profile can not be restore using menu "select your profile" in Intel Graphic Control Panel (communicate "mission impossible")

      so the setting procedure has to be repeated starting from  "search for other monitors".


      I would be gratefull if sombody can help me to solve the problem.