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    Decoding System Event Log data to get more information




      I have a server workstation board and I am experiencing a system freeze with a CPU_CATERR - 

      I am trying to understand the data in the system event log to see if it will point me in the right direction:


      I tried using the document here: 

      System Event Log Troubleshooting Guides for Intel® Server Boards

      but to no avail. 

      BMC-Owned Sensors (GID = 0020h) Section 3.1 Table 5 Does not have an entry for 0xDA.


      Can anyone shed some light on this?

      Board Has A C612 Chipset with 2 xeon E5 V4 2630 Processors on it.


      Complete Info From the SEL Data:


      04 00 02 2C A1 18

      5A 20 00 04 07 DA

      6F 00 FF FF

      SENSOR # 0xDA


      Event Description IERR

      RECORD TYPE 0x02


      Thank You