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    Powerdvd HDR Audio solution


      Hi my fellow NUC friends,


      I have finally solved the problem with Audio in HDR mode with Powerdvd ultra 17. If you read my previous post you can see that I had audio during the .4664 gfx driver but not with the 4771. When Windows got the fall update and Powerdvd also came with an update, I lost my audio. After that I did not use my NUC so much.


      Today I was googeling and found this thread:



      By using the procedure I got my sound back

      during HDR mode. Finally!!! I need to mention, I did a full reinstallation of Powerdvd before i did this.


      The directory map is wrong in the link. You need to copy the CLADR-file to this directory:

      C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLink\PowerDVD17\Common\AudioFilter


      Seems like Intel and Cyberlink are not working togheter on solving this problem. Maybe there is some thread I have not found yet. But since it seems like I am the first to distribute the solution Cyberlink have now about quite a while, I expect Intel will send me a christmas gift. Not only for the solution, but for having a faulty product for almost 9 months. cvare


      Ps. I did not get the side affects with the volume.