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    intel i7 7820x stuttering on games




      i just bought me a new setup with the i7 7820x and the rog strix x299-e gaming mobo.

      got all the latest updates for bios and video drivers but i keep getting stutters in all kinds of games but the best game to show this problems is wild lands/ ghost wars.

      i tryed all i can imagen and found on the internet but still didnt manage to solve the problem.

      it really feels like my old amd 6 core was running beter then this. can anyone help me on this cos i feel like i just wasted 1500 euro!


      thanks already..


      btw dit disable the turbo and are running at 3600 MHz and set core voltage to 1.210 to get the best results but still the problems are not gone and its def not smooth!

      core temps are idle 28 degrees afther gaming max is 60 degrees with a tower cooler!