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    Issue with Extreme Tuning Utility - Tuning capability is gone



      I have i7-2600k with a DP67BG board. I have this system for several years and I have been always using Intel's extreme tuning utility to overclock my system successfully.

      Recently I have formatted my PC and upgraded my windows to WIN10 x64. Now when installing the Tuning Utility I don't see any of the features that were present before. In fact, the tool offers almost no option to do any overclocking at all !!!

      Here's an example:

      Previously it looked like this:

      As you can see I could overwrite every PLL multiplier and DDR configuration.

      (The image is taken from Intels overclocking manual for this motherboard - http://downloadmirror.intel.com/19482/eng/DP67BG_PerfTuningGuide01.pdf )


      Now it looks like this:

      I can only change the boost voltage.


      Please help me resolve this issue,