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    Looking for a developer to create a bespoke solution with Intel RealSense to quickly 3D Scan the front of a face


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      We're looking for a developer to help us with a project. At Candy Mechanics have a shop where we scan people's faces using a 3D Systems Sense scanner, then edit it using the Sense software, then convert it to g-code, after which we CNC machine a chocolate lollipop in the shape of someone's face. We also do events https://candymechanics.com/events/

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      We've streamlined a lot of the process so now the main bottleneck happens in the scanning stage. We're looking for a developer to create us a bespoke bit of software that can quickly capture a mesh (.obj file) of someone's face (just the front of the face, from ear to ear and neck to top of head) and ideally trim it so that it's just the face left in the mesh. We don't want the person's chest or any other stray bits of anything that find their way into the scan. This may involve some facial recognition or just a box/oval in the UI that the customer has to position their face in.


      I imagine that 2 cameras off centre directed at the customer should be able to capture enough data to create a sufficient 3D mesh in under 5s. We don't need any colour or textures.


      We're based in London, UK, so someone there would be ideal but if you are or know someone who's elsewhere and keen please get in touch at chris@candymechanics.com