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    need help finding a cpu for my gaming laptop ..any help appriciated !!


      hello all...i am currently looking to upgrade my cpu in my laptop and pretty much just came here for advice. i have an older gaming laptop (gateway p-6860fx 1.83ghtz with the t5550 intel cpu original installed ). i have had several people tell me i could not replace the cpu and to just get a new laptop but i have done some research and know that my laptop can be upgraded and will work even better with the right chip.

      My research has led me to look for an older chip, the t9300 2.5ghz 800fs by intel, but to my luck , the chip is no longer in production,my question for anyone is...do any of you know a chip that is equivelent to the t9300 and will fit the intel pm965 express chipset with no more than 800fsb...help !!


      thanks to all


      Phil C