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    Intel Core i3 (3rd Gen) 3217U / 1.8 GHz


      i wanna know if a ssd    Samsung MZ-75E250B/EU SSD 850 EVO, 250 GB, 2.5" SATA III, Nero/Grigio is gonna be compatible with my processor.


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          There are no compatibility issues with your processor, but this was really never an issue. The issue of compatibility could come up with the chipset and BIOS on your motherboard. In this case, however, because this SSD utilizes a SATA III interface, it can be used interchangeably with any HDD and thus no compatibility issues should arise. In fact, far older processors and chipsets could use this SSD without issue.


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            Thanks a lot N. Scott Pearson, I also have SATA 3 on my computer , so i think that no problem will arise. I have an ASUS x550 CA-DB31 with this features , just in case you could suggest me , the most suitable characteristics of the ssd for my computer or any constraints in choosing the most suitable.



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              Well, you can probably get away with using practically *any* of the available SSDs out there. Here's some general guidance...


              • You want a SSD with SATA III interface. Virtually any of those available should work.
              • You want a SSD who's read and write speeds are both above 500MB/s (don't compromise).
              • Because you have a system with an older processor and chipset - and especially an older BIOS - you need to be a bit careful regarding the size of the SSD that you purchase. Your system could have problems using (booting from) some of the larger SSDs that are now available -- but, if you are only looking at 120GB - 500GB SSDs, no worries at all!