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    Chipset driver for intel i7 6700k not listed?



      so yesterday, i read about the security issue with intel cpus. And it was recommended that i need to update my Motherboard Bios. So i went to Asus Homepage und tried to install the newest bios. But it says "*We suggest you update ME Driver to the latest Version simultaneously.". Which i did. During the installation of the bios version from Nov. 22th 2017 with the MEUpdateTool_UI_20171103_TP, it kept telling me "pls check if MEI is installed". So Asus Support guy told me that i need to install the i7 6700K chipset driver from intel which i can find it on intel pages before i can install the newest bios version. So where can i find this chipset driver he is talking about? It´s not listed on the product page of my CPU. I´m using the Asus Z170-a motherboard.


      I´m seriously confused right now! Pls help me.


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          The primary location that you should be using for these driver packages is on the Asus site and specifically the downloads page for your motherboard (which is here: Z170-A Driver & Tools| Motherboards | ASUS USA). Now, this jerk had absolutely no business pointing you back to the Intel site; Asus is responsible for validating the driver packages released by Intel on their products and Asus is responsible for making them available for download by their customers.


          So, you actually need to update two packages, the Intel Chipset Device Software package and the Intel Management Engine Consumer Driver package. After checking their downloads page, I see that there is a link for downloading the latter package (look for entry marked 'Chipset') but not for the former. Shame on Asus; I often wonder if they even take the time to actually test their boards before shoving them out the door. Anyway, here is a link for downloading the missing package: Download Intel® Chipset Device Software (INF Update Utility).


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            thanks for the link. Well here we come to my next problem. I downloaded the Intel Management Engine Consumer Driver and during the setup it says that "The setup needs Microsoft .NET Ramework". Which is weird. Because i double checked, that the framework is installed. I even reinstalled it. And microsoft just tells me to reinstall the framework even i told them, i already done it!


            Edit: never mind. found the problem.