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    D945GCCR system reboots automatically




      I am having D945GCCR mother board and Intel Pentium D processor. From past 2 weeks my system reboots suddenly and automatically, i checked up the processor temp. in BIOS it shows around 70 degree. I applied thermal paste on the CPU fan & on processor case, still the processor temp is same. Yesterday i started my PC after 1 week and immediately checked the temp. is same 70 degree.


      Actually this problem started after i replaced the 400 W SMPS of mercury make to 400W zebronics make, the specifications of the SMPS @ +5V in zebronics is 38A whereas in mecury it was @ +5V 14A, is this specification mismatch causing the problem or anything else?


      The CPU fan is spinning @ 4000 rpm but still the processor temp is 70 degree eventough i turned on the PC after complete 1 week gap (PC was shut down for 1 week). A local technician said, the CPU fan has gone but i don't think so as it is spinning @ 4000rpm.


      Please help me out this problem is driving me crazy... please