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    Monitor blank after Intel HD 620 driver update on NUCi3BNH mini


      On 11/11/2017 my NUCi3BNH running Windows 10 pro had an automatic Intel HD 620 graphics driver update. The next boot-up afterwards, my Samsung HD monitor connected to the NUC via the HDMI port gave an error message saying the HDMI source mode was incompatible with the monitor, and only showed a blank screen. I can use remote desktop to connect to this NUC, and i can see that Windows is running properly, and the graphics in the remote desktop on a separate computer look fine, but there is no visible output on the NUC HDMI monitor output.  I re-installed the HD 620 graphics driver update, and still the same.

      Does anybody have an idea of what is going on, and how to fix it? I would very much appreciate any help.