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    Automatically disabling the built-in display when connecting an external monitor


      I have a problem about automatic switch between the built-in display and the external monitor. My machine is an MSI GS63 that runs Intel HD Graphics 630 along with Nvidia GTX1050.


      When I connect the external monitor, I must manually set the display to "show only on 2" because the built-in display is not disabled when the lid is closed. You can check the attached screenshot that show both screen even with the lid closed.


      The reason I find this weird is that on my other laptop, which is Lenovo Thinkpad Carbon that runs Intel HD graphics 5500, the built-in display is automatically disabled when I close the lid.


      I have tried some suggestions like selecting the single display option from Intel Settings. However, even in Intel Settings the active displays list contains the built-in display when the lid is closed.


      Another clue is that I can't view BIOS from the external monitor, something that I can do in Lenovo.


      I have also tried to disable the Nvidia GTX1050 just to make sure that the HDMI port is on Intel, which is the case eventually.


      I have checked another machine (Alienware) with Intel HD Graphics 530 and GTX 980, and its behavior was as expected, no problem at all.


      I'm not very sure, but I think that the problem is with the Intel 630 driver or VBIOS.


      Any suggestions is very appreciated.