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    Intel NUC 7i3BNK boot issue after changing graphic memory size in bios




      I'have an issue with the new intel nuc 7i3BNK received one week ago.

      I work with intel nuc kit for several years (since the nuc 3217IYE) and I have configured several thousand.

      But since the nuc6i3, i'm facing several issue when i modify the graphic memory size in the bios.

      For an example, if this setting is not set by the default value, it won't boot via PXE. that why we didn't qualified the 6i3 and we choose to work with the 7i3 after the 5i3.


      This morning i received 10 new 7i3BNK.

      I plugged the ssd and the memory (the same as the 150 nuc kits donE recently), i applyed the w10 LTSB image disk and i configured the bios to increase memory graphic.


      the memory used is : Transcend 4GB 2133 MHz TS512MSH64V1H Intel Validated


      the bios have not the same version as the old nuc7i3bnk produced. This morning it was 046.

      The bios values are not the same as usual under Devices>>Video>>video configuration


      I can set :

      IGD minimum memory to 32Mb to 1Gb

      IGD aperture size : 32 to 1,5 GB


      So i have set up the nuc as usual :

      IGD minimum memory to 1024

      IGD aperture size :1024


      The nuc didn't boot after that (power button blink)

      I had to flash the bios to the latest version (054) with the jumper trick to boot.

      But in the bios the video configuration it's still not the same as the last time...


      IGD minimum memory to 32Mb to 64Mb

      IGD aperture size :128 to 1024.


      I did it on another one and the values are not the same as the previous one :

      IGD minimum memory to 32Mb to 64Mb

      IGD aperture size :128 to 2Gb


      i'm very confused about this, did someone encountered the same issues ?

      Does intel knoow about this ?

      I need the abilities to set 1024mb minimum and 1024Mb aperture in the vidéo configuration.


      Thank for your help.


      xavier R