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    HUGE ISSUES with Turbo boost max

    brian lorelle

      I have an Asus x299 deluxe board.


      The turbo boost max software is just not making any sense.


      It was installed, and when it was, I just got messages about the driver not being available when the system booted.


      So, I uninstalled it, and now everything is haywire. The turbo boost software still shows under the apps and features of Windows 10, but when I try to uninstall it, I get a message that some file couldn't be found, so I have a zombie app showing in the installed apps.


      Additionally, I've downloaded the installer, and considering it doesn't have an installer (what is with this??), I run the instructions as laid out in the readme file, installing by right clicking the .inf, it tells me it installed, but on a reboot, the control panel for ITBM isn't in my start menu, and the zombie app is still showing.


      This is INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING. How am I supposed to make this work? I don't see a device in device manager without a driver, but this is inane. This zombie app won't go away, and it's FRUSTRATING.


      Please help. I have Windows 10, all  latest updates installed, motherboard has latest BIOS.