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    Intel i5-6600k bent......?


      Hello Everyone,

                              As you can see in the title my I5 6600K somehow managed to bend itself in one corner. I built my machine just over a year ago and it has been working perfectly until now. I was mid gaming sesh when all of a sudden my PC switched off and now will not switch on. And by this I mean when you press the power button nothing happens, no fan spinning up, no lights coming on, nothing. I have tested a few things so I will list below:


      Tested the PSU with the paperclip method and it was working. I replaced the PSU and the PC still wouldn't boot up at all.

      I changed the motherboard and it still was not working.

      I took the GPU out because the board has on-board graphics so if that was the issue it would boot up and still nothing.


      The only thing I have not tried yet is replacing the RAM and the CPU, now I know that the RAM would not cause the PC to not power on so i took my CPU out of the socket and i found that one of the corners were bent.


      So i assume this means that i need to purchase another CPU as a replacement or are intel replacing these. Because a year ago when i installed the CPU it was not bent and now it suddenly is, seems like intel have started making processors with dodgey materials.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi LeoLadd,

          Thank you for bringing this to our attention, let me help you on this matter.

          I would like to know if you can send some pictures (high quality) of the processor where you see the corner bent.

          To attach a file, you must click "Use Advanced Editor" in the top right corner of the response box, then the "attach" option will appear in the bottom right corner of the response box.

          Thank you for your time.
          Allan J.

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            Hi Allan,

                           Please find attached the issue I am having with my processor


            Thank you,

            Kye Woodward

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              The only way that this can happen is if the person doing so incorrectly installed (misaligned) the processor in the socket and then latched it down.



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                Hi Scott,

                              I thought this at first as well. However, it is pretty difficult to misalign the Intel 7th gen skylake CPU as it has rounded notches on the CPU that correspond to the socket. Also if this was the case the processor would of been bent from the get go and my PC would not be working for a year. Which leaded me to think maybe overtime the CPU had slowly bent out of shape. So I done some research and it seems that the early 7th gen I3s, I5s, and I7s have all had the same issue. As if you look online it seems that Intel did not make the green board strong enough to support after market coolers. Hence why I have come to the conclusion that it has buckled under the weight of my closed loop water cooler.



                Kye Woodward

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                  Hi LeoLadd,

                  Thank you for attaching the information. I have sent a private message. Please check your Inbox.

                  Allan J