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    Raw Streams (C#) not working with SR300


      So we're using a SR300 to record observational data that a postdoc is going to analyze and presumably write an algorithm for later. I'm just taking the data--I don't know jack about computers. The postdoc just started and doesn't really even have an idea of what he wants in terms of recordings, but we're running trials anyway because the boss says so.


      Anyway, so far we've been using the Rawstreams.cs sample that comes with the SDK. We're using a 1709 Windows 10 Enterprise. The virtual driver is there, but the other ones like RGB and depth are not. The recording works perfectly sometimes, but it's really unreliable. What will happen is that after we press start, it'll record/play live fine for a few seconds, sometimes longer, and then freeze. I even had issues during playback.


      Is this rawstreams program just...not functional with SR300 and the new windows update? I tried running 3D segmentation (C#) and it seems to be working fine. Any insight would be appreciated.

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          I would be surprised that the camera works at all if you have the RGB and Depth drivers missing.  On some computers, the three drivers (RGB, Depth, Virtual) are not all put under the Imaging Devices section of the Device Manager, and a couple may be placed under a different Device Manager category such as 'Camera'.


          If the drivers are at fault, the PC usually treats the camera like an ordinary webcam, enabling you to run applications that only use RGB video with no problems.  As soon as you start an application that uses the depth sensor though, the camera may disconnect.


          You may be able to get more information on the camera's performance, and also accomplish data collection goals better, if you use the new RealSense SDK 2.0, which is SR300-compatible.  It has sample programs for rendering depth and RGB data to the screen like the old RawStreams sample does, and also has a sample for saving camera data to disk.  Plus the SDK comes with a Depth Quality Tool for more detailed analysis of the camera configuration than the old SDKs could provide.


          The SDK is very quick and easy to install in Windows - go to the download page linked to below and click on the file in the Downloads section called 'IntelRealSenseSDK.exe'.


          Releases · IntelRealSense/librealsense · GitHub

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            Oh yes there they are under the camera category!

            Talking to the boss about getting SDK 2.0...I was kinda figuring we'd have to get it eventually. Can't hurt, right?

            Thanks for the quick reply I have a feeling I'm going to be needing a lot of answers in the future lol..

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              There's no limit on the number of questions you can ask.    Please feel free to come back to the forum any time you need to.