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    F200 Intel RealSense Camera Recently not Recognized by Computer


      I am having trouble connecting my Intel RealSense F200 USB depth sensing camera to my laptop (Lenovo G50-70 from 2014). It has connected and worked in the past and the last time I remember it working properly was about 7 months ago.

      If I plug in the camera into my only usb 3.0 port, the green light on the camera doesn't blink and it is not visible in my device manager (the virtual driver was present before I uninstalled the DCM, with or without connecting the camera). However, if I plug in the camera into my usb 2.0 port, the small green light on the camera blinks, but still the camera is not visible in my device manager.


      I was not sure what to do, so I has uninstalled the RealSense Depth Camera Manager, and then tried to re install it. But, when I tried to re install it it told me that it could not recognize the camera (The installer failed to detect an Intel® RealSense™ 3D camera on this system. The installation was terminated.) . Also, the Camera Explorer showed no cameras were connected.


      Currently the virtual driver is not present in my Device Manager, since I uninstalled the DCM and this camera is not visible in my Device Manager.

      It has worked earlier this year, and I don't think the hardware is broken. Also, my usb 3.0 port works (works with a flash drive). I have also updated the drivers in my Device Manager and unchecked the box regarding power management.


      Should I downgrade to a previous version of Windows 10 I had earlier this year? Please advise me on what to do and how to connect my Intel RealSense F200 camera to my laptop.

      Thank you.