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    Flashing Flight Controller on the Aero


      Hi all,


      I've flashed the Yocto, the BIOS and the FPGA onto the Aero using a bootable USB thumb drive first, and then following the steps laid out in


      However, when I changed the directory to where the firmwares of the flight controller is located (cd /etc/aerofc/px4/ and cd /etc/aerofc/ardupilot/) and ran the command to update it (aerofc-update.sh nuttx-aerofc-v1-default.px4 and aerofc-update.sh arducopter-aerofc-v1.px4), it keeps giving me an infinite loop

      'Attempting reboot on /dev/ttyS1' along with 'If the board does not respond, unplug and re-plug the USB connector'. 

      According to this part of the video posted by Paul, https://youtu.be/e9MLnRbMDHo?t=356 , this is to be expected. But I ran the commands at least five times, the longest

      run lasting over an hour. It did not terminate with the same message that Paul got in his video. 

      If anyone has any advice on an alternate method, or pointing out a step I may have missed beforehand, I would be very grateful.