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    Configure Firmware Settings During NUC Deployment


      We have nearly a thousand NUC7i3BN's that we must configure the firmware during the Win 10 deployment.


      Can someone advise how this can be achieved using a command line tool to set the required settings (unattended/silently)?



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          Here's a quick overview.


          Intel provides a tool, called Intel Integrator Toolkit (ITK), that can be used to apply customizations. Included in the customizations are: SMBIOS string changes, BIOS configuration parameter changes, Custom Logo/Splash Screen injection and OEM Windows Product Key injection (OEM Activation 3.0).


          The ITK tool, which is a UEFI command-line application, can be used in two ways:


          1. For common customizations - those that would be applied on all systems - customization can be made on a "gold" system and then the set of customizations can be injected into a BIOS Update capsule (.BIO file). Starting from the most-recently available .BIO file, you can generate a custom version that, once installed onto each system, both upgrades the BIOS to this latest version and applies all of the customizations included.
          2. For unique customization - things like serial numbers, asset tags, etc. in the SMBIOS strings - the tool can be used to apply these customizations. This can be somewhat automated. You can set up a UEFI boot disk that will boot the NUC into the UEFI shell and then run a set of ITK command lines that apply the customizations.


          What is missing from this second capability is a method for specifying that the tool should prompt the operator for the string. I have suggested this change to the NUC team; we'll see if they add support for it...


          Let me know if you have any additional questions. Before you do, you might want to download the tool and read through the User's Guide.


          Hope this helps,