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    Need help with i7 920 maxing


           Hello all, thanks in advance for any and all who may be able to help me.

      Okay, I've been having a recurring problem with one core maxing out and slowing things to a crawl.  This only occurs when I play demanding games; however, they should not have a problem running as I have fairly powerful hardware.


      Here is a list:

      -Obviously Core i7 920 @2.67 GHz

      -12 gigabytes of RAM (yes I know it is overkill)

      -NVIDIA GTX 285

      -and Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit with DirectX 11


      This problem is very annoying as I can only play for about 30 minutes before everything is coated in virtual molasses.  I've tried many things to fix it, but nothing has helped so far. Now, I'm no computer expert, so I'm willing to go back and do things over as I may have missed something.  Once again, all help is appreciated.