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    USB-C to HDMI adapter not visible


      Dear everyone,


      I am aware about lots of topics about USB-C to HDMI adapters on this forum, yet my situation is a little bit different.


      What I've got:

           - 2 x NUC7i3BNK (second one was bought 3 months after first one)

           - 2 x i-tec USB-C HDMI Adapter

           - 4 x LG IPS Monitor 22MP58 | Sleek Cut Design IPS LED Monitor


      Basically I want to have two double-monitor systems.


      The case is that first NUC works perfectly with both adapters, but second doesn't work with any. After plugging adapter the screen sees something for a moment, but eventually shows "No signal". The OS here doesn't matter, since on NUC number one both screens work also when in UEFI configuration. Tried upgrading BIOS, without any success. Also, I couldn't find any settings in UEFI which could change anything.


      I'm afraid that buying new adapter would be a waste of money, so my question is - what can I do?


      Kind regards