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    About Intel Black Box for common redundant power supply format question.


      Hello ,

          I reading the CRPS design guide about PMBus Black box Command

      The meaning as below:


              Name: MFR_BLACKBOX

              Format: Read Block with PEC (238 bytes)

              Code: DCh


      The content have "System Tracking Data(47 bytes)" and "Power supply event data(38 byte per event)",

      and the "Power supply event " can record 5 event,

      so.. the total length of the command as 47 bytes + (38 bytes *5 ) = 237 bytes,


      I calculated the result with the design guide length is not equal (238 byte ≠ 237bytes),


      Is anyone knew the correct format about this command(DCh) , or can tell me what's detail I missed?



      Alan Chen,