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    VIZIO tv HDMI video detection/sound issue resolved in Win 10 Fall Update


      HI. Just an update for those using NUC6i7KYK driving VIZIO TV via HDMI.
        The "No video" or "Not Support" (yea this is how it is spelled) issue is gone after the Windows 10 Pro Creative fall update Version 1709 (Fall Creators Update) - Version 1511
          Switching HDMI inputs or turning the TV on/off is fine. Sound issue also resolved.
           Kinda miss my headphones. No one knew when I was playing on my computer. Now they do.
           Thanks to @Scott and others who suggested driver updates.
          Looking forward to the  IceLake  (60W ??) NUC later with 64GB memory support for next Holiday (Christmas)


      Happy Thanksgiving to all !!