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    System requirement for 10Gbps copper NIC


      My inquiry is probably a noob question but I build my own PCs and curious about Intel's 10GBase-T NIC. I am fairly certain I will not be able to use up all the bandwidth for my home PC but say if I could, what's the minimum system requirement to avoid any bottleneck in the system?


      Which CPU: Intel i7, what speed?

      Memory: DDR2 or 3? 1600MHz? 2000MHz

      PCIe slot: x16?



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          Pretty sure you will need a x8 slot.


          You will also need a 10GbE link partner - something on the other end that can communicate at 10Gbps.  Last I checked, any 10GbE Copper switches were several thousand dollars.  Something to consider.

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            Hi Jkurts -

            10GbE is a lot of I/O for any system, but with the new i7-based machines you should be able to actually utilize most of a 10GbE Ethernet card.  Intel makes 10GbE NICs with a PCIe x8 interface (not x16).  Obviously you can put the NIC in a x16 slot, but you should be vigilant to make sure that BIOS on your machine does not limit non-graphics devices in the x16 PCIe slots (some BIOS code limits non-graphic devices to a PCIe x1 bandwidth).


            -- miles

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              Thanks guys. Good to know about the BIOS limiting PCIe bus speed for non-graphic cards.


              Say I do have a 10G switch/hub (maybe in year 2020), and I do file transfers between my computers. Would today's hard-drive even capable of read/write at 10Gbps? Maybe solid-state ones? If it is not, then may need a lot of buffering. Would the next bottleneck then be between CPU and Memory banks? Would I need the latest and greatest DDR3-2000MHz?


              Anyway, just curious thoughts running across my mind. Thanks for the feedback.