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    i7-7700 Fails IPDT Linux Test with Temperature too high




      I have 2 units of i7-7700 processors which we are running on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and while using the IPDT Linux version with Fedora OS to test the Processors,both CPU kept failing the test due to Temperature reaches 100 Degree Celcius.  I also notice that the idle CPU temp for Linux is 10 degree higher (around 45 degrees) than when the system is running on windows.


      To make sure it is the processor issue, I switch to Windows 7 64 bit and ran IPDT windows version again and this time the temperature stays within the 80 Degree range. 


      Can anyone suggest if I should RMA the CPUs since I need them running on Linux?


      The system information as below::


      Motherboard: Gigabyte B150N-GSM

      RAM: Crucial DDR4 2400 16GB

      Graphics: GTX-1050Ti

      CPU Fan: Factory default

      Room temp: 26