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    INT345D, A160 windows10 32bit Driver


      hi .


      i'm using lenovo p51(i7-7700HQ)


      but i could't find serial communication driver(PCMCIA?) for INT345D, A160


      PLS Let me know, where can i get INT345D, A160 Driver for window10 32bit.



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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi stonew,

          I understand you are looking for Windows® 10 drivers for Serial communication device and it seems to be a PCMCIA card. Let me help you on this matter.

          I have been searching for this drivers and I was not able to find such drivers on Intel's website. It seems to be proprietary from your computer manufacturer.
          Based on the computer specifications, I noticed an express card and this should be provided by Lenovo*.

          Please check computer specifications here
          Download Lenovo drivers here

          Hope it helps.
          Allan J.