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    HD Graphics 4000 - Drivers can not upgrade


      Hello !


      I am from France, so excuse my poor english.

      I have the following configuration (get with the Intel IHM) :


      Report Date:            11/21/2017

      Report Time[hh:mm:ss]:        10:51:49

      Driver Version:  

      Operating System:        Windows 7  Service Pack 1(6.1.7601)

      Default Language:        Japanese (Japan)

      DirectX* Version:        11.0

      Physical Memory:        12207 MB

      Minimum Graphics Memory:    32 MB

      Maximum Graphics Memory:    1696 MB

      Graphics Memory in Use:        444 MB

      Processor:            Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9

      Processor Speed:        2294 MHz

      Vendor ID:            8086

      Device ID:            0166

      Device Revision:        09


      I do not know if it is clear with this report, but the CPU is a i7-3610QM @ 2,30GHz (8 CPUs).


      When i run the online tool to check intel devices, the tool detects well that the drivers versions are the 8.15.etc... and that the latests versions are




      23 mai 2017

      132 Mo  

      Ce téléchargement installe le pilote graphique Intel® version pour Windows 7 *, Windows 8.1* et Windows® 10.


      ( x.x.x.4653


      May 23, 2017

      132 MB  

      This download record installs Intel® Graphics Driver version for Windows 7*, Windows 8.1*, and Windows® 10.)


      First problem : no link here, and it says on the right side of the panel : Mises à jour disponibles (0) (Updates available (0))

      I am not sure why it says there are no updates available while it tells me there are updated versions of the drivers existing.

      So, it is not clear if :

      -> the HD Graphics 4000 is not supported anymore and farther than the version of the drivers


      -> find the update by yourself


      So, i search and find the win64_153345.4653.exe which is the installer for the updated drivers, except that when i run it, it stops and give an error message saying my system is not supported. Which is strange as Win7 64 is said to be supported by this version of the drivers.


      May i ask where i am wrong, please ?


      Have a nice day.