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    Dual monitors are not detected properly via a laptop hub: One DP and one HDMI port




      I recently purchased a laptop hub (StarTech.com USB-C dual monitor docking station), with the intention of using it to connect two monitors to my computer. I want to connect it to a Dell XPS13 (9360) laptop with the Intel i7-8550U processor and an Intel UHD 620 graphics card.


      I am attempting to connect to two Acer R221Q monitors (each with only HDMI inputs, although the laptop hub just has one HDMI out and one DisplayPort out).


      I have been unable to get the laptop to detect both monitors as valid displays. I believe that the problem is somehow related to how the DisplayPort video port on the hub is being interpreted by the computer. The laptop will not detect the monitor connected to this port as a valid display, even when the HDMI port is unplugged. While I must use an adapter to connect to the 2nd monitor, (Display Port out to HDMI) I have attempted to rule out a faulty adapter by trying 3 different adapters from 3 different brands, and all of them had the same results.


      I have also noted that under a very specific set of circumstances, the Intel UHD Graphics control panel actually will detect that a second monitor is present, but it still won't let me select it for use. The circumstances that allow this to happen are:


      -Connect the laptop to the hub

      -Connect a monitor to the HDMI port on the hub and activate it

      -Connect another monitor to the hub, using the DisplayPort port

      -Go to the DisplayPort Topology screen when prompted

      -The 2nd monitor will appear as an icon on this screen, but I can't select it and it won't appear as an option on the multiple displays section of the Intel control panel


      I would greatly appreciate any feedback on whether or not this could be a software/driver or configuration-related issue.


      Thanks in advance,