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    Misc. NUC7i5 issues (Ready Mode / Sleep, Wakeup / Display, Crashes, ...)




      For about 1/2y I got my NUC7i5BNH which I didn't use much up to now but there are numerous problems and issues nevertheless which is veery annoying for a new device not that cheap!


      To have it said right from the beginning - I tried everything: Misc. Win 10 versions and reinstalls (Now fresh install of Fall Creators Update), driver uninstall, reinstall, updates, Bios updates, Bios reset and settings, LAN / WLAN connection and adapter deactivation, different HDMI cables, Remote desktop, ...

      BTW: Ram is 2x 8G Corsair value select with some nice black / yellow stickers on it if I remember right the look...


      Intel Ready Mode: Had problems from the beginning like others - (Immediate) wakeup after entering Ready mode, not entering Ready mode or what I found out and it seems now that it just doesn't display it properly on the device (LED). Not sure if just the display is still off then or it's still in Ready mode. It does use less power indeed and when pressing the power button it does not shut down but reactivate / wake up totally - assumed display is waking up again (Possibilities: No signal at all, signal but black screen, Picture is green / purple as with RGB / YcPbr mismatch between GFX and screen).

      What I found out (in the event log and on the device): From remote desktop it wakes up from ready mode or at least changes LED color when connecting or when pressing "standby" and then disconnecting (Disconnecting: wakeup reason "Unknown"). After manually entering ready mode from the device itself by pressing standby it wakes right back up again, normally after a few seconds, sometimes after a few minutes. Event log shows these entries right when entering ready mode this way or also under other circumstances - no idea if it matters and what it says (translated from DE to EN):

      - The policy path of "{a1841308-3541-4fab-bc81-f71556f20b4a}" was reset by "{C: \ Program Files \ Intel \ Intel (R) Ready Mode Technology \ IRMTService.exe" (process ID: 3464) to "a1841308-3541-4fab-bc81-f71556f20b4a} ".

      - From the process "C: \ Windows \ System32 \ dllhost.exe" (process id: 4104), the policy scheme of "{a1841308-3541-4fab-bc81-f71556f20b4a}" was reset to "{381b4222-f694-41f0-9685-ff5bb260df2e } "

      - (a18... to a18..., a18 to 381 and vice versa)

      Interestingly it seemed to work for a short while now after clean installing Fall creators update with all recent drivers. No idea what changed yesterday. What I tried was changing from WLAN to LAN and totally deactivate WLAN (power - does it even make a difference between WLAN off or WLAN adaptor deactivated?). I also installed Teamviewer yesterday. But after Ready mode didn't work properly anymore I uninstalled Teamviewer and changed and de-/re-activated LAN / WLAN back and forth and rebooted and so on but didn't really help... (BTW: The ready mode version on the NUC page isn't recent. does this make a difference?)


      Display wakeup from ready mode / sleep as described above. Only shut down the device and power on again helps in that cases. Found out, this mostly only occurs when having been connected through Remote desktop earlier. Also when playing a sound from the NUC like when changing windows audio volume, at the beginning there is a noise, some kind of distortion. no issues afterwards with playing audio. Only the first time audio plays after everything was silent before. every time... (LCD, HDMI 2.0).

      Rarely display goes black for a few seconds and comes back again then.


      Random bluescreens since the beginning with different windows / driver versions as described above.

      Didn't notice this for a few days now but right now it crashed again after beeing away for a few minutes!! VEEERY glad I saved this text before I went away...!!

      Came back, moved mouse, display got signal, remained black, lost signal. After a while got signal again when windows was fresh booted... This may not happen!!!

      - Event log (translated DE to EN): The computer was restarted after a fatal error. The error code was: 0x0000007e (0xffffffff80000003, 0xfffff80054820275, 0xfffffc8880a75d98, 0xfffffc8880a755e0). A full image was saved in: C: \ Windows \ MEMORY.DMP. Report ID: 1f8da98e-b63d-42d9-9860-c83df23160eb.
      No idea what to do with those memory dumps. Luckily, bluescreens rarely occur during normal usage...


      About the software installed: Primarilly IIS web server and hMailServer are running. But i guess this should not have any influence since I understand that ready mode is for having the PC running in a low power when not active using it but needing it remain on for servinc services - like in my case web and email...!?


      P. S. It is possible to make the NUC totally quiet by using "Fanless" in BIOS which makes no sense but it is not possible to make it totally quiet otherwise during normal idle or ready mode because max fanless cpu temp. possible in bios is 48°C?!? This is ridiculous and makes no sense. Also, that for RAM max themp is on the other side 55°...!? I'm running it now at 25% fan up to 55° cpu I think having it around 50° this way in idle. In ready mode I saw a min. cpu temp of 45° or less.


      P. P. S. What's interesting about the ready mode / standby / wake up problem: Power consumption isn't higher when it seems to "wake up" from ready mode (as said display is still off then). Power is the same if not even less as when the LED indicated ready mode...!


      Thx & regards

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          Regarding Ready Mode, my only suggestion is to simply abandon using it.


          As for thermals and fan speed control, I do not think much of the build-in configurations and their fanless mode is, well, broken. I decided to use a custom configuration:


          Give this a try...


          If you really want to lower the Minimum Duty Cycle, note the following:


          • I recommend that you set both Minimum Duty Cycle parameters to the same value (there's only one fan).
          • As you lower the Minimum Duty Cycle, you must adjust (increase) the Duty Cycle Increment:
            • The duty cycle should reach 100% at or before the Processor temperature reaches (my recommendation) 83c.
            • The duty cycle should reach 100% at or before the Memory temperature reaches (my recommendation) 73c.
            • Here is equation: "(100 - Minimum Duty Cycle) / Duty Cycle Increment ". The result must be an integer; so adjust up for decimals. For example, if result is 4.25, adjust up to 5.
          • As an example, if you wanted to use a Minimum Duty Cycle of 25%, the Duty Cycle Increment needs to be raised to 5.


          Hope this helps,