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    Nuc6cayh 2x4GB boot issue y or n...



      Nuc6cayh BIOS Version AYAPLCEL.86A.0041.2017.0825.1152


      Ballistix Sport 8GB Kit (4GBx2) DDR3 1600


      Physical Memory

      Total 8041 MB

      Module Name Crucial BLS4G3N169ES4.16FE

      Serial Number 521700E4h (3825211218)

      Module Size 4 GB (2 ranks, 8 banks)

      Module Type SO-DIMM

      Memory Type DDR3 SDRAM

      Memory Speed DDR3-1600 (800 MHz)

      Module Voltage 1.35 V




      The problem is that when turning on NUC two 4GB and it turns on,  displays a message that the memory density is not and that the memory is smaller than 4GB have 1GB or 2GB.

      After accepting Y, the system starts normally and works without problems. There is no memory problem and is seen as 8GB. Work perfect



      I use the latest bios from intel, it annoys me a lot every time I turn on my computer

      Also does not work in this fast boot system.



      One 4GB memory works fine and there is no message.





      You need to improve bios