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    DQ45CB Win 7 Boot Issue


      I have a clean install of Win 7 64 bit OS on a new hardrive.  When i install the OS, I get as far as the questions re name etc but instead of taking me to the "Preparing Desktop for first use" screen, Win 7 stops and reboots to a blinking  cursor.  Running the  Win 7 Repair disk show the boot as OK.  If I use the Hirem boot disk and it's boot manager I can boot into Win 7.


      If I install Win 7 32 bit or Vista 64 bit, I have no problem.


      I have the latest bios (119) and am testing the Mobo outside of the case and tried different memory and drives .


      So what is incompatible with Win 7 64 bit and this Mobo?

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          This is not something that i have come across.


          Have you tried any other Windows 7 64 bit version?


          Have you tried to load bios to defaults settings? (F9 and F10)


          Have you tried to disable Core Multiplexing Technology and see if it makes any difference?


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            WTH is this people - I can't perform a clean install of both 32 and 64 bit editions of Win7 Pro on the DQ45CB. Latest BIOS 0121.The freaking thing just hangs on blinking cursor when installing Windows after reboot.


            Have downgraded BIOS to 0119 via emergency recovering, otherwise it won't flash (how convinient!). And now I can get all the way to the 'Preparing the desktop for first use screen' and ... the system freezes again. Should I flash an even earlier BIOS revision in order to install freaking Windows? Who knows. What I don't get though is why the heck the board won't accept password change for Intel Management with two different BIOS versions - each time it says 'wrong password' when I enter new password instead of the default one 'admin'. This is some hardcore stuff, people. Ah! I forgot. This board can't boot into DOS at all, too. Returns 'invalid Command.com'. I know it will never get fixed, but at least I feel vented.

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              To be fair, I have to report that I've finally managed to install Win 7 on the DQ45CB. All it took was to remove the Radeon 4550 video card and Creative X-Fi Titanium.  Don't know which card was causing the freeze during install, but taking them both out fixed it. Win 7 installs fine just on intergrated video. With BIOS 0119 I can boot into DOS, too, but not with 0121.


              Still can't get into the Management Engine in BIOS.




              The trouble arised due to undisclosed password requirements. It apppears that:


              -Password must have at least one digit character (e.g., 0, 1, 2, 9).
              -Password must have at least one non-alphanumeric character (e.g., !, @, $).
              -Password must contain both upper and lower case alphabetic characters (e.g., A, a, B, b).

              After installing Win 7 on integrated video I just popped in the old Radeon 4550 and Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi  Titanium - worked like a charm just as I expected.

              This is a very strange board indeed. Finally I got everything I need to work like it should, but at what cost! The trick was to either not update the original BIOS revision 0107 of the board or to flash 0119 via emergency recover, staying away from the latest BIOS 0121 which is more buggy and incompatible than ever. It's been a huge PITA adapting this board, but in the end it looks like I'm keeping the DQ45CB. Not sure I'd ever bite the bullet again with another Intel-made motherboard though.

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                Same problem ! Found solution ! Turn OFF Core Multiplexing ability ! Not good, but now Windows-7 can load.

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                  The factory set default password for the Intel Management Engine is:


                  You have to change that instantly after login to a safe one.