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    Need Hlep on Esata Ports DP55SB


      Intel DP55DB

      W7 Pro 64-bit

      latest bios 4572

      Intel SSD, Optical Drive



      Issue is the Esata Port.

      It will only recognize when I scan for hardware.

      Bios is set for IDE on Esata Port

      I don't remember installing the Marvell driver > will setting this in bios and and installing driver allow hot swapping and auto-recognition?


      When I use the Esata  attached to the AHCI ports via the front panel connection > it works fine.

      Or  if I use a Vantec Esata port connected to a motherboard AHCI port > also OK.


      This is the behavior I want for the rear panel red Esata port with out having to scan the drives.


      Any help?