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    Issue with HD 530 driver


      I have the same problem as reported in:

      driver version HD 530 Display Error

      Intel HD 530 Latest Driver Issue

      intel HD 530 latest driver issue

      and various other similar threads


      My system

      HP 27-n110

      Windows 10

      Intel HD Graphics 530 driver


      I sometimes see the the black and white lines screen for a moment, but usually I just have a blank screen when resuming from standby.


      Last week I was able to roll back my driver to and that solved the problem. However, Windows Update insists on updating my driver, and now I do not have the option to roll back the driver. (Just updated to Fall Creators 1709) The button is grayed out.


      This thread, HD 630 Resume From Standby Screen Flickering mentions the issue too and was mentioned as a central place to record and see updates, but it refers to the HD 630. And I don't see any activity there since July 27, 2017.


      Appreciate help to fix this issue and keep Windows Update from interfering