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    Intel Unite error ID666666


      I would like to talk about ID666666 issue.

      Systems that support the Intel Integration Hub are predefined.

      Even if your system supports vpro, the Intel unite hub may not be installed.

      I have been able to find the root cause through several tests.

      The Intel NUC5I5MYHE also encountered an issue with ID66666.

      ID66666 refers to boards that do not support Intel Unite Hub.

      If the supported model is correct and you have the issue, please check the BIOS information of the board.

      The figure below shows two Intel NUC5I5MYBE boards.

      Compare the board information of the two systems.

      Both models support Intel UNITE HUB models are supported, but the ID66666 issue is displayed on the right product due to board information error.


      Solution  - Warranty request

      At present, we can not access the board information of bios with the Intel Integrator Toolkit.

      I did not know how these issues came about.