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    Wrong information in the documentation about tyco connector for the cooling fan.



      I think that you have made a mistake in your documentation, regarding part that consider connector for the cooling FAN.

      Link to that page: https://software.intel.com/en-us/node/733192


      1/ 353907-1 TYCO => that is Tyco MPN for the pins and here you need 2 pcs., you can also order same pins from TYCO: 353918-1 - but these are as loose piece.

      2/ Housing which you indicate in documentation: TYCO 353908-6 -> it's 6-pin connector! In my opinion correct TYCO MPN should be => 353908-3 (3-pin connector).

      3/ You should add information also about two more TYCO housing, both got pins included. That is: 5-353293-3 (housing blue) and receptacle included or 353293-3 (housing grey) and receptacle included. Both fit as well.


      Please check, looking for your comment. Best Regards