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    NUC5CPYH ne démarre pas


      Bonjour! Mon mini-pc Intel-Nuc NUCPYH ne démarre pas et l'écran reste noir.

      La solution pour qu'il démarre c'est qu'il faut  débrancher mon cable HDMI de la tv et de démarrer le mini-pc  apres  quelques seconde la lumiere arrire rouge Optical s'allume et je rebramche mon cable HDMI a la tv et tout est reparti.

      Pourquoi et comment réparer ce probleme?

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          If you have not already done so, you should install the latest available BIOS for the NUC5CPYH, NUC5PPYH and NUC5PGYH, namely BIOS 64 (full string PYBSWCEL.86A.0064.2017.0815.1055).


          You can download this BIOS from here: Download BIOS Update [PYBSWCEL.86A]. While an executable (PYBSWCEL.86A.0064.EB.EXE) is available for initiating the BIOS update process from within Windows, I personally do not recommend its use. Installing the BIO file (PY0064.BIO) using the F7 method is more predictable in its execution. The BIOS Recovery method can also be used and requires the same file be downloaded.


          After updating the BIOS, I recommend that you use F2 to enter BIOS Setup (Visual BIOS program) and then F9 (followed by Y) to reset the BIOS configuration. You should then make the changes in the configuration (Boot Order, etc.) that you consider absolutely necessary. Finally, as you exit from Visual BIOS, remember to save the current configuration as your new default.


          Hope this helps,


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            Thank you very much to take care of my problem.

            I load the bios you told me  everything same good but I dont no How to input F2 when I have to do my keyboard is not working at this time I select The key F2 but no reaction on my screen How i can enter F2

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              Power system off. Then, momentarily press the power button to start system power-on. Immediately begin pressing and releasing the F2 key, roughly once every second. Don't hold it down; press and release. Keep doing so. While you continue to do this, you should see the splash screen appear. Keep pressing and releasing. Eventually, it should clear the splash screen and then enter Visual BIOS.


              If you do not see Visual BIOS appear (it instead times out and tries to boot), then power system back off. This time, when you press the power button, hold the button down for exactly 3 seconds. Count it out, "a thousand and one, a thousand and two, a thousand and three". After you release the button, wait. After a few seconds, you should see a menu, called the Power Button Menu, displayed. Pressing F2 once should then take you into Visual BIOS.


              If you hold the power button down for too long (i.e. for four seconds), the system will power back off instead. If this happens, try again. Get that three-second press as accurate as you can.


              Hope this helps,


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                Hi! M.Pearson

                Thakk for you help.I done the first step, but I never saw the  splah sreen to my tv .

                I done the second step and I saw the menu on the sceen but I can't start the selection because my key pad done communicate with Nuc.

                The only way  to start the nuc is to disconnect my tv  hdmi input and stat my Nuc;  after few seconde the light of the optical input  at the back of the Nuc light and I replug my hdmi and than  I see t he screen and the nuc  start correctly I can use it .