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    Why the STP can reduce performance on teaming?


      I made a teaming configuration with 2 NICs on motherboard under Windows 7.

      I set them as Static Link Aggregation and also configure a network switch.

      And I found that the network connection bandwidth became 2G on the Taskmanager as I desired.


      But, when I made a switch test configuration test on the Windows, I found a message such like this.


      "Spanning Tree Protocol has been detected on the network. If you want increase the network performance, You have to disable STP on the switch ports"

      (I'm using foreign language version of Windows, So, It's not exactly same as display But same meaning)


      My question is why STP can reduce the performance of teaming network?


      And, I expected that I can see the 2Gbps of bandwidth during copy a file via network.

      But, I couldn't see the bandwidth over than 1~1.2Gbps. Is this also related with this issue?


      Waiting your advices.