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    Broken OpenGL support on Windows 10.

      Hi. I'll make it simple.

      While several softwares tend to report 2.1 openGL support for the intel series 4 mobile GMA,

      precisely the GMA 4500(M)(HD) on a lenovo x200, with the following hardware ID: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2A42&SUBSYS_20E417AA&REV_07 .


      A software dedicated to openGL support detection reported this:



      Still, some softwares keep crashing cause of openGL issues, and, as a good test, I tried minecraft, which reports the famous "Pixel format not accelerated".

      I tried 9 different drivers, cleaned between each attempts, direct X works fine, but OpenGL still don't, often reporting as openGL 1.0 in most softwares.


      I know the driver is quite old, but that's just the one I'm actually on. The one W10 originally put, with no dedicated software nor menu on desktop-rightclick wasn't better and reported the same issues.


      I'm willing to try everything needed, really, as this computer is a spare one, having to restor it and stuff is not really important, BUT, I just want it to WORK.

      I have a graphic media adaptater that rocks freaking 2.1 opengl, I want to freaking use it! That's the least the hardware we buy is supposed to provide, right?


      Best Regards~



      PS: I perfectly know what kind of framerate and performance I can ask from a 8-9 years old integrated graphics, and won't complain about that, I'm just awaiting to use it to its full little potential on a suprisingly smooth w10!

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello LilFoxy,


          Thank you for joining the Graphics Community. I am sorry to hear you are having issues with this matter.


          I double checked some information regarding your graphics controller and found out that Windows® 10 is not supported, I also found that the highest version of OpenGL supported is 2.0. You can double the documentation below. Unfortunately, from our end there are no drivers that could address this behavior, so our recommendation for driver availability is to test a supported operating system which for this graphics controller it will be: Windows 2000*, Windows XP*, Windows Vista*, Windows 7 or Windows 8. You can find more information for these operating systems in the link below.


          Supported Operating Systems for Intel® Graphics Products:Supported Operating Systems for Intel® Graphics Products 

          Supported APIs and Features for Intel® Graphics Drivers: Supported APIs and Features for Intel® Graphics Drivers 



          Amy C.

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            Hi Amy C. ,


            Posting here I assumed I would get this answer, but tried it anyway.


            The thing is minecraft is not the sole "test software" asking exactly for openGL 2.1 as minimal requierement, Starbound does it too. And even if the FPS are low cause of the software overall load on such an underpowered system, the thing is: IT LOADS. It loads, go in menus, launch a game, plays, all of that without artefacts nor crashes, just extremely low fps.


            Already tried Starbound with an other driver for this card, which reported 2.0 opengl instead of 2.1, and surprise, the game wasn't able to start. Starbound is know for being, on top of poorly optimised, unable to even launch the menu without opengl 2.1.


            The express mobile series 4 is also able to pass opengl 2.1 benchmarks.


            In the documentations, I already saw multiple times this chip reffered as max 2.0 opengl capable, but in facts, it's doing great at running opengl 2.1 tasks, as long as you are on the already-rusty windows 7.


            Minecraft runs flawlessly on this chip on windows seven and even ubuntu linux, and it still needs the same 2.1 opengl on thoses operating systems.

            So no, sorry, I won't take the "documentation says" when the facts proves. The only obstacle there is Windows 10 drivers for this chip.




            Speaking of the windows 10 drivers for this ship. Because they exist! They are in the windows driver store, and rocks only 1.1 opengl. Installing older drivers does cause any issues in Windows 10, and allows some 1.1-2.1 to work.

            I also heard here and there intel officials saying that this chip wasn't even "compatible" with Windows 10, which is an aberration, as if it was the case, the system wouldn't be able to display its own interface or anything at all, just saying that to kill this kind of ideas even before they appear in the thread.

            The only thing that prevent all opengl 2.1 softwares to work on this chip with windows 10 is the absence of proper drivers capable of reporting the true capabilities of the chip to the softwares.


            I want to also mention that the driver I'm using right now which enable 2.1 openGL full capabilities is an absolutely official one, downloaded from your website this morning, and meant for THIS chip, not an other with superior capabilities.


            Also, some home-brewed patched drivers allowed some people to launch minecraft on GM45 and Q45 chips, which are also reported as 2.0 capable only in the documentation, and doing so on Windows 10.


            This little chip, a piece of hardware you sell, is natively capable of running 2.1 openGL, and perfectly capable of doing so on Windows 10, just like its cousins of the same generation.


            The only reason there is an issue there, is by a lack of support.

            The last 2 drivers for this chip were in 2011 and 2012. And the last one was for windows XP 64bit, 2 years before the end of life of the 12years old OS, 4 years after the launch of the chip.

            While the chip is "supported" on windows 8, the driver provided is so poorly featured, most people prefere to use the windows 7 driver on w8, because "supported" doesn't mean "well supported", and they usually encounter the same issue with openGL than I do on windows 10, so let's say there is barely no difference between support and no support in the W8 - W10 case.


            Nerds in their mom's basement are solving this issue and allowing >your< 2.1 capable drivers to be reported correctly to softwares in those environnements for other chips of this very same generation, so, again, that's not a matter of not being able to support this chip on W10 cause of some technical issue, its a matter of caring for old and still relevent piece of hardware, or your company wanting it to be unusable for marketing reasons.


            I'm sorry, I won't take it, and I mean no offence nor hostility, I just want you else to tell me "we will do something for that case" or "we won't do anything, because "x" ", and X being an honest reason, even if highly capitalist.


            Best regards.



            (PS for Amy: I doesn't blame you nor have anything against you, you do your job perfectly, I'm just sorry it's have to be you (or someone's role), I'm not angry at anyone, just see this as a little fox out of the forest, in front of a building, asking the birds on top of it "halp me halp me", the birds "nope", the fox "halp me, or otherwise, at least tell my why not!". Documentation say this, support say that, but in the real numeric jungle, things are way different, and we would like to see companies embracing this fact!)

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              Nevermind, found the solution by myself.


              So yes, this chip support openGL 2.1, whatever your sacred documentation says.

              did better by myself.PNG


              The solution? A patch made for windows 8.1, using windows update sh177y compatiblity drivers, replacing dlls by w7 ones, adding desktop software gpu manager, and patching the windows registry, enabling openGL capatibilities to be detected by softwares on top of already being there.

              Then patching JRE a bit to make it accept this custom unsigned driver, and everything work.


              So, I say it again, yes this cute little chip has freaking OpenGL 2.1 capabilties, and good ones, and yes it's compatible with windows 10, but it needs a bit of attention. Nothing more!


              Pat it now~



              Best Regards!


              (PS: Amy C, it's not directed against you, but to intel's headquarters! )



              (PS²: For those who would like to take the path of unofficial patchs that cure the issues of official "pros", don't try titaniumgl and other shady unstable software rendering stuff, but instead check out the work of peeps like Daniel_K (danielkawakami) who actually does really good stuff, for older and later intel graphic chipsets, in an quite unpolished yet elegant AND stable-working manner. For minecraft: actually needs both DK patch, and to run an older java, that will effectivelly support the tweaked driver. \jre1.8.0_51 just unziped in a folder, then launching 1.12 using java excutable launch option: C:\Users\&\AppData\Roaming\.OldJava\jre1.8.0_51\bin\javaw.exe Please build giant intel logos for lulz~ =^.^= )

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