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    USB sound driver missing


      My NUC6i5SY (Windows 10) has been stable for a long time. A month or so ago I updated the graphics drivers to try to get 192/24 bit sound working (I can't) and since then every week or so the USB sound driver goes missing. So no sound out of the DAC or speakers. I've no idea why it goes missing, it doesn't coincide with a Windows Update or anything.


      To get the driver back I've been reinstalling the graphics driver package ( etc) and usually it comes back.  Except the last few re-installations it hasn't come back. So now no sound.


      I guess I have 2 questions:

      - Does anyone have any idea why it keeps going missing?

      - And how I can get it back?


      I’m not particularly technical so I could be doing something obvious wrong.

      Thank you, any help appreciated...