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    mpiexec can not be used except l used it in local mode


      In the past few weeks,we have encountered a serious problem that we can not use intel mpi on our windows10 machines except in local mode.


      We have followed the step which  documents of intel mpi given.Getting Started with Intel® MPI Library for Windows* OS | Intel® Software  and Configuring a Visual Studio* Project .l can ordinary use it in  local mode  ,such as using the command: mpiexec -n  2  -localonly program.exe. But  l  continuously failed to use it without -localonly.   I completely closed the firewall,however it outputs anything and just hang.  When l try to use mpiexec  -v -n 2 ,it output something.


      l  attached the debug info in the "debug_info.txt" file .

      Can you please help me with this problem? Thank you.