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      Physical Installation Instructions for Intel® Optane™ SSD 900P Series

      Above is the instruction link, I am a little confused that

      when it says

      If you are using a third-party (add-in card) video card, place it in the PCIe connector closest to CPU (F)

      So it means Video card?


      My question is

      if I have 2 PCIe 3 X16

                   1  PCIe 3 X16 (x2 mode)

      optimal placement for the cards is that , put video card close to CPU, and 900P next to it?

      what if the space between 2 slots is small (mATX), if I don't want to restrict the air flow on the video card

      can I put it to the PCIe 3 X16 (x2 mode), if it is x2 mode does that mean even if it is a by 16 connection, but

      it will only have X2 bandwidth?


      Thanks in advance!