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    Device hangs after entering screen off




      I don't know if it's same issue as the Dell one, but I had similar issue on MSI GS63VR-7RF notebook.


      The device configuration is i7-7700HQ, HD630, and nVidia GTX 1060.


      The symptom is that after power management "Turn off the display", if you try to resume it, the system will hang/no more responsive, and I need to force power-cycle the notebook.


      It happens every now and then from Oct, until 16.47(4815) which makes the case even worsen to nearly 90% reproduce rate, when you enter screen off more than 5 minutes.

      If "turn off the display" set to never, the notebook will be very stable.


      MSI costumer support confirmed that this is not a single device issue, and suggest me rollback to 4805.


      However after I re-install Windows 10, I found out that has fixed this issue (happens 0 times in two weeks)


      Do you have any release notes or separate download for 4836? I don't see it on your site.

      I would like to have a standalone download, so if it happens again I can install this stable one.


      And I would like to make sure this will not come back in WDM 2.3 before I go to 14.60.




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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello priv,

          Thank you for contacting Intel® technical support.  I will be more than happy to help you.

          I understand that you are looking for a copy of the driver version for the Intel® HD Graphics 630 controller.  I do apologize for the inconvenience, but since this version is not available in the Intel® website, it means that it was not developed by Intel®.  In your case, it must have been developed by either Microsoft® or MSI*.

          However, since you want to update the driver to the version available in the Intel® website, and at the same time you want to be able to rollback to the current version in your system in case the latest driver does not work as expected, you can create a system restore point right before updating the driver.  This way you will be able to go back to the current version if necessary.

          For instructions on how to create a system restore point and on how to restore from a system restore point, please follow the links below:

          Please be aware that the content on that site is not controlled by Intel®.  This information is offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel® for the merchants or services offered there.


          Xavier A.