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    Serial numbers?


      I've seen a couple posts on here about the serial number being blank. Has anything changed in regards to inputting the serial in any other way then by editing it through the EFI shell? how can one do this at scale? I love these machines (we've one off a couple of them) and want to deploy many more, but this serial number is a requirement for inventory.

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          Because the NUCs are sold as boards or kits and not as finished systems, Intel does not populate the SMBIOS System or Chassis Information structures. This is left as an exercise for the Integrator (or end user). Now, this does not mean that there is no serial number available, however. The SMBIOS Board Information structure is populated and a Serial Number for the board is provided (and is unique to the system).


          For those Integrators who want to handle multiple systems, the process is as follows:


          1. On gold system, the operator should make all common change necessary. This can include common SMBIOS Configuration Settings, OEM Windows Product Key Data, BIOS Configuration changes and a Custom Logo image.
          2. Once complete, the operator would produce a customized BIOS Update file that (also) contains all of these changes.
          3. On each production system, the operator would do the following:
            1. Install the customized BIOS Update File to both put the desired BIOS release onto the system and to apply the common changes also included in this BIOS Update file.
            2. Boot into the UEFI Shell and, using the ITK tool, install those system-unique items necessary (Serial Numbers, Asset Tag, etc.).


          As the (now retired) architect for the previous version of ITK, I was not very happy to see them chose to implement the new version in UEFI Shell. This makes it a complex process to apply system-unique items. You must go into Visual BIOS and enable UEFI Shell, reboot into UEFI Shell, make the unique changes necessary using the ITK tool, reboot back into Visual BIOS and then disable UEFI Shell. This is, IMHO, an accident-prone process and a beat-rate hit on the factory floor.



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            Or the easier thing would be to create a USB flash drive formatted as FAT32 with the EFI Shell file (bootx64.efi) in the \EFI\BOOT folder.  Then just boot off the drive and run the ITK6.efi program.  It is very easy to write a script file to automate filling in some of the static fields. I admit that the NEW ITK is not as easy to use as the older Windows version was. But that is all that we have.



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