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    I7-4790K does not clock over 800Mhz


      when running any task on my computer the frequency of the CPU does not shift above 800Mhz. even when running Autodesk's Inventor software, the frequency is the same. I have noticed this more and more lately that it has been bottle necking my computer when rendering simulations, gaming, or even a simple install of a program. I know this CPU is capable of running some great numbers and good speeds.

      here is the current performance run when using inventor:


      No significant temperature change is noticed in the computer either when under stress. the only time I noticed a shift in clock speed is when running aida64 or any other stress testing. and even under those loads there is no temperature change.

      Here is the current hardware running in my computer:




      • Motherboard

        ASRock Z97 Extrime6

      • RAM

        GSkill-Ripjaw 2x8 1333

      • GPU

        Gigabite 1070

      • Storage

        Sandisk 240G SSD / Toshiba 4Tb HDD in addition to 3 other hard drives

      • PSU

        Cooler Master 750 80+ Bronz

      • Cooling

        NZXT Kraken

      • Operating System

        Windows 10 Pro 64bit