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    Remote Keyboard app problem after Windows 10 (or BIOS) update


      I have a NUC 7I3BNH (Win 10) connected to my 4K TV as  media PC, and have successfully used the Intel Remote Keyboard application on an android tablet for over six months with no problems. Recently the PC updated Windows and the BIOS (BIOS Version 0054), and I can't use the 'mouse' or 'keyboard' to input the PIN.


      After boot up, the mouse controls the cursor, and clicking on the first screen brings up the log in screen asking for the PIN.  The mouse and cursor is still working on this screen, but the PIN textbox will not accept any input. Clicking on the restart/power down icon in the lower right corner responds to mouse input. And of course, if I plug in a USB keyboard and mouse, I can input the PIN and continue on.


      Uninstalling the app on the PC and tablet and installing latest versions of software (as of 11/14) make no difference.


      I *assume* that this is a software incompatability between Windows/BIOS and Remote Keyboard, but was wondering if anyone else had seen this problem.